Do It Yourself  Windscreen Repair Kit
Chipped or cracked windscreens? - The D.I.Y. Kit is simple  cheap and effective.

Does your car have a stone chip or crack in its windscreen? Now there is an alternative to having it replaced or repaired by  the so- called  “experts”.

With a  D.I.Y windscreen repair kit, you can use our simple application tool to apply a durable resin into the damaged area. It’s simple and very effective. A  D.I.Y repair will minimise the appearance of the chip or crack and prevent the damage from spreading any further by restoring you windscreen’s strength.

The D.I.Y repair kit comes complete with detailed instructions and everything you need to repair a damaged windscreen in as little as 20 minutes. D,I,Y, works best on small round damages no larger than a 30 mm in diameter and cracks no longer that 100 mm in length. The D.I.Y repair kit’s patented applicator  allows the kit to be used for multiple repairs.

Did you know that 15,000 tonnes of windscreen glass are replaced every year, all of which goes to landfill? Using D.I.Y.  to repair your damaged windscreen, you can prevent a costly windscreen replacement, as well as making your contribution to saving the environment.


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